Concierge services and meals


The counter of the villas has a receptive team on site.

  • Tips, what to visit and which ones to avoid.
  • Good restaurants, by night ....
  • Emergency Monitoring (doctor, cardio, physiotherapist, ...).
  • Drivers, excursions, quad ....
  • Car rental


We guarantee absolute freshness of our meal. The races are made every day, see her twice a day in high season ... For a fresher, we ensure zero freezing. All our culinary preparations are made with mineral water.

Meals A la carte:

  • 8 euros breakfast
  • 18 euros lunch (excluding drinks)
  • 18 euros dinner (excluding drinks)

Half board: 24 euros / person / day (breakfast with at lunch or dinner choice without drinks)
Full board: 38 euros / person / day (breakfast with lunch and dinner without drinks)
All inclusive: 43 euros / person / day (all meals and soft drinks at will all day)

50% discount on meals for children under 12
10% discount on meals if settlement before departure